Recovering deleted files

A few months ago, one of my friend deleted her favourite photos from memory card. The photos was probably quite important to her. She called for my help and I helped her searching for a program that could recover a deleted file.

Then I found a program called File Recovery on
Or you may type "File Recovery" on the Search. You'll find lots of file recovering programs.

Well, normally when we delete a file, it will automatically be moved to Recycle Bin. But what if we have deleted it unpurposely from Recycle Bin?
Don't worry, all files deleted from Recycle Bin can still be recovered using File Recovery software.

Just remember 2 things:
First, don't start any defragmenting program after that until you recover the file.
Secondly, don't create another file using the same name with the file name that you deleted.

In this was, the chance of recovering it will be higher.

Feel free to try by visiting
You'll also find many useful freeware.

Thanks to my friend who had asked me this problem. And this is my first post for computer.


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