Top 7 Most Used Url Link Shortener

Got a very long link of a webpage and you want to make it shorter? No problem, with free url link shortener on these 7 websites, you can create a shorter and more readable link for your webpage. So that people can also remember it easily. Usually, websites that provide such service can do 4 things for you: link shortening, sharing, tracking and analyzing.

When do we need to shorten a url link? There are certain situations where you need to do this, for example:
1. In Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, you may share your thoughts, status or link with limitation of the characters. You can exceed a certain fixed number of characters set by the websites.
2. When you use Amazon, you would probably like the long Amazon reference link, to become shorter and hence shows the the title or the name of the product (this can be done with TINYURL).

Then, Which websites allow you to shorten the url links for free? Or how to shorten url links? Well, here are top 7 websites I found that are useful for url shortening:

2. TINY -
5. IS.GD -
6. OW.LY -

You need to enter CAPTCHA code in OW.LY, so it's a bit troublesome. If you need to make custom shortened url, you may test TINYURL.



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