Tudou and its Video Accelerator - watch videos faster

Tudou is one of the most famous Chinese videos sites. It has a lot of videos in Chinese and also in English. But most of them are in Chinese. From Chinese dramas, movies until tutorial videos, all are free for you to watch. It's also quite fast in viewing. You can also make the video run faster, by downloading and installing the video accelerator. You'll then see a great difference in speed. The video accelerator also functions when you open videos on other video sites like Youtube. What makes it special is that it's rich in contents.

For those who don't know Chinese, probably feel hard when using Tudou. You need to know at least a little about Chinese Pinyin. These can be learned from Chinese dictionary. Typing pinyin helps you in searching the videos you want to watch (there will be a long list of video names in Chinese). Of course it's better, if you know how to type Chinese character using Windows Chinese input method.

If you like Chinese videos, you can also visit www.56.com or www.youku.com for more. But Tudou seems to be a bit faster in streaming.


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