Mei Tu Xiu Xiu - A great Chinese photo editing freeware

Photo editing software is one of the most downloaded software category on the internet. Perhaps you are also a photo editing software lover. There are a few post on this blog discussing about photo editing software (especially those free ones).

Recently I received a comment from my student telling me a great free photo editing software. It's from a Chinese website. It's "Mei Tu Xiu Xiu". You can see some editing results showing photos of 'before' and 'after' editing on the download page. There are also presets for creating simple animated picture by using your on face. Some people called this effect, "face in a hole".

Adjusting the brightness is also possible. You can also add small animated clipart on your picture. Then decorate it with frames or add speech balloons. Everything is so easy with this tiny freeware. Click here to download.

N.B. If you have English version Windows, you'd better install the Chinese language support to enable you viewing the Chinese characters of the program.


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