Things I learnt about printer today

Something went wrong with my printer again. This afternoon, when I was going to print with my Epson printer, I found some tips about printer. Actually it's about caution in using printer rather than printing tips.

The problem is my printer inkout lamp sometimes blink and I have to press it and try to pull out the cartridge and reinstall it. This seems to be small problem. All you have to do is to change the cartridge and everything should go well. But sometimes this is not necessary. It could be the chip on the cartridge that got loose after printing for quite a long period. Loose chip is not my problem. Mine is that the cartridge latch that keeps the cartridge firmly in the position has been broken. For this case don't press the latch too hard or you'll meet the same problem as mine. So, if the latch has been broken, of course you can't keep it firmly. What you have to do then is to stick the latch back or if you don't want, you may put thick paper to the space near the cartridge, so that the cartridge can be kept firmly in position.

The second thing is that you should pay a little caution when touch metal part of the printer especially when you touch it with wet hand or stand barefooted on the floor. Small electricity will still give you a little shock. And that's what I experienced today. Have you ever experience this?


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