Mito Xiu Xiu (美圖秀秀 - Mei Tu Xiu Xiu) has English version?

Many of my visitors that came from searching on google with "meitu xiu xiu english version". I was wondering why people keep on searching on it. And does Meitu really have English version? And feeling doubt about this, I also started searching on google and yahoo for it. From the search result, I found that there are quite lots of links to Meitu Xiu Xiu in English. Some even describes that Meitu with crack and whatever. Meitu is actually a freeware, no need the crack.

I found that it's rather impossible that Meitu has English version because most of the links are broken links. Some are just links to other pages rather than English version of Meitu. With a bit of disappointment, I started another search with Images. If Google search results can show me even one Meitu with English interface, then I would believe that Meitu must have the English version. The search result was none images with Meitu English interface.

So, I thought of going directly to the site. I still found no links on the site that tell us Meitu English version download. And that makes me feel that it really has no English version. Mostly webmasters will provide directly the choice for you when they have created a program in more than a language. And this can be set from the Tools (工具) - Option (选项)  - Language (語文) menu of any programs. You can't find that menu in Meitu, right?

From those search results, even though I couldn't find the English Meitu, I can suggest you to use the online tutorial. Because Google can do translation for you. You can't change the interface of the program, but to learn the program,  you can still use the Google Translate to show the online tutorial in English. After  some time using it, I believe you will be able to use Chinese version of Meitu Xiu Xiu just like you use it in English version.

See the translation result of Meitu Xiu Xiu in English.

Meitu Video Tutorial (text in English translation - but the video voice is still in Mandarin)


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