Photosynth - best and amazing 3D Panorama maker for iPad and iPhone

My friend asked me how to create a 3D Panorama Photo with iPad a few weeks ago. And I thought that it should have such program that enables us to create such 3D Panorama Photos by using additional iPad application since iPad is such an advanced IT gadget, so we should be able to find such program to make this 3D Panorama Photo.

I started searching for it with keyword : "3D Panorama Photo Maker" on Google and found out that there's a free one called "Photosynth" created by Microsoft and distributed as free application for iPad and iPhone. Photosynth is an easy to use by anyone who uses iPhone or iPhone. As long as you know how to take pictures with your iOS 4.0 (or later) gadgets, I think you can do it by yourself easily.

Photosynth will stitch the series of photos you have taken into a whole complete 3D Panorama Photo. It's such an amazing free application that described as "Interactive Panorama Capture and Sharing" application for  iPad or iPhone. Click here to download Microsoft Photosynth.


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