OnLive Desktop - Windows on your iPAD

Are you thinking of using Windows application or Microsoft Office application on your iPAD? You probably have used three common applications of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. These are probably the most used ones. Do you think it's possible to use iPad like you use Microsoft Windows application?

Yes, it's made possible if you use an application called OnLive Desktop for iPAD. This application will make those Windows user more convenient in working with iPAD. It includes three basic application of Microsoft Office, i.e. Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Although, they are not as complete as the ones in Windows, they really make you feel as if you are using Microsoft Office on your iPAD.

With OnLive Desktop, you can enjoy the feel of having Windows with its icons, Start button, folders and taskbar just like in real Windows. You can also watch videos like using Windows Media Player. So, where to download OnLive Desktop. Ok, just click here and feel free to download it for your iPAD.


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