Simple and useful tips for buying a printer

Some people think that using a printer is easy but choosing a right printer that suits your need is not easy. There are so many printer manufacturers although there are only a few popular ones like Epson, Canon and HP. The following are some tips for you to consider when buying a printer.

1. Think about budget and needs when you buy the printer.
2. How often do you print? If you seldom print, you probably don't really need an expensive printer that can print in huge quantity.
3. Notice the "ppm" when you need the speed of the printer.
4. Also see the "dpi" or the printing resolution if you want to print photos. But this doesn't really matter, cause most printers nowadays can print photos quite well when you use photo paper.
5. Ask someone who is more experienced in using printer to go along with you when buying printer.
6. Avoid (or never) buy a second-hand printer. It's a matter about the print head.
7. When testing the printer, try not only the nozzle check, but try printing color boxes (especially if you are so keen in buying a second-hand printer). You may use "Print Screen of Paint color toolbox".
8. Don't forget to ask for the USB cable and printer power cable if they are not included in the box.
9. Avoid buying multi-functioned printer unless you really need it.
10. After buying the printer, remember to keep the driver CD well.

Hmm, I think these are only some tips. Perhaps you have more experience with printers. Why not share with me?


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