Free Image Converter

About a year ago, one of my friend had a trouble with viewing large size picture. She said that the computer was running very slowly when viewing pictures. I told her to resize the image size.

But after resizing, I found that converting JPEG to BMP and then back again from BMP to JPEG will reduce the size a little more. Then I kept on converting from JPEG to BMP - BMP to JPEG again for 3 or 4 times.

The result was I got an image with smaller size but with almost same quality displayed on the monitor screen. But I didn't try printing the original one and the converted one. Maybe you can try the conversion and print them. Then compare them!

Today when I was trying to print 45 copies of a JPEG image with the file size of 6,729 KB and with 3508 x 2480 resolution 24 bit color, I also had the same problem. I suddenly thought of a program which can be used to convert and reduce image size.

Click the link below to download the program:
RentASoft Image Converter 2.1
It's not demo even the file name contains a word "demo"

If you need user guide, click here:
User Guide for RentASoft Image Converter 2.1

It's a very simple to use image converter program. Don't miss it!

Conversion also plays an important role in managing files, especially when the programs you are using need different formats. It's also important for reducing file size.

This time I'll just describe Image Converter. Next time, maybe I'll post about Audio / Video Converter.


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