Spyware and Anti-spyware

Is your computer running more slowly recently after installing some programs? If the answer is "yes", your computer might have viruses or spyware. We all know antivirus, programs that protect, scan and remove viruses.

But besides viruses, there is also spyware, programs that records your computer information and browsing habit (without letting you know what it has been done), after that it secretly transmits information over the internet.

This process of getting and transmitting your computer information will of course reducing your computer performance. And that's why your computer slows down. Sometimes, your computer even hangs because of programs conflict.

To protect yourself from spyware, you should at least install anti-spyware software such:
Spyware Doctor. This is the least protection you need. Don't neglect it.

Then when you see pop-up-advertisement, DON'T CLICK ON IT. Just refresh the page or close the window.


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