Beware of Money Making Site

Money making sites seem to be more and more on the internet. They could be easily found through e-mails (sent as spam actually), ads on pages or pop ups, links in forum, or even links on IRC chat. Be careful when responding to this kind of offer. When you receive e-mails that you believe as spam, just click to mark it as spam. But if you really want to know more about the spam e-mail you can just type the name of the sender in Search Box at toolbar like Yahoo! or Google.

About sites that provide information on money making jobs, you can also do the same. Type the suspicious site name on the search box and then put a word like "scam" (or words with similar meanings). Then you'll find a lot of links describing the true face of the site.

Another way to get know about this is by using Yahoo! Answer. Usually, people who are curious about it, will also post a question about it at Yahoo! Answer. Then some people, probably those who are experienced or experts will answer. So, it's easy to get the info you want.

But actually, when this come to you, just ignore it, mark as spam and delete it or close the page or pop up ads. Fortune doesn't come easy as described on the promotions. Everything needs work hard. And remember Greed will lead to Misfortune.

So, for curious people, I think no better way than go searching at Yahoo! or Google.


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