Can't save Excel file

Microsoft Excel is my favorite spreadsheet program. Last Sunday, I created a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel but I couldn't finish the work that day. So, the next day, I went to work as usual and continued the spreadsheet again at my work place. But what amazed me was that I couldn't save my work. I saved to another temporary files. And every time I wanted to save I got the same message that the file was saved to another name. I was quite puzzled why did it happen. It also meant that my work seemed to have more trouble in saving files.

Then I took noticed on my Avast antivirus. I found that it scanned my file-saving process. After that, I disabled the Avast antivirus to see whether it could remove trouble of the saving process. And I really did. The saving process worked normally when the antivirus had been disabled.

I just want to show a tip on this post: "When you find a trouble in saving, it could be an unallowed process by your antivirus."

N.B. It's also a bit risky disabling the antivirus. Make sure you scan the file later cause Excel file could be infected by macro virus.


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