Check Ink Levels on Epson C110

Printing half way and stop just for changing the ink cartridges is something that a computer user dislike. Some printers like Epson C110 Series, have this kind of printing habit. Although it always reminds you to change the cartridge before your ink runs out, it also stops suddenly before you can finish printing. This is the disadvantage of this printer that I dislike. My printer always prints half way and stop when ink is almost up. Because of that, I have a lot of half-printed paper that can't be used.

Then the solution?
I always use the Check Ink Levels utility to see how much ink is left for certain color. When I am sure which color should be changed, I will print a picture of mainly that color on plain paper to avoid that I print half way on better paper like photo paper. Of course to determine this, you still need a little experience to avoid wasting. But this better than letting the printer print half way on your costly photo paper.


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