My Experience on Printing CorelDRAW files

A few days ago when I was working with printing brochures, I found that my printer print very slowly. I tried increasing the memory, freeing up harddisk space, scanning virus. But it didn't seem to get better (except freeing the disk space because my harddisk was too full). I thought probably the problem was with the size of pictures in my brochure because I used three pictures with very high resolution. Then I tried converting the whole A4-size brochure in a jpeg file.

After that, I started a new printing with the jpeg file. Amazingly, the speed was boosted up. Now, I realized that sometimes converting a CorelDRAW publication to a Jpeg file can save a lot of space and time for printing. But of course, you shouldn't delete the original CorelDRAW file. Keep it with the Jpeg file because you can still edit it when needed.
printing, high resolution picture, CorelDRAW file


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