Burning voice record files of MP3/MP4 Player

Two weeks ago, my friend just bought a new MP4 player. It comes with voice record feature. And actually her purpose of buying this is just to use it as a voice recorder. It's a SIMBADDA mp4 Player. The voice quality of the voice recorder is only 32K.

After testing the voice recorder, she asked me to help her burn the voice file which is in Wave format into a blank disc to use as an Audio CD.

I tried adding the wave files into my Nero Express, but surprisingly Nero didn't want to accept the wave files. This also happened when I recorded voice with other brands of MP3/MP4 player. Then I tried using ISOpen 4.4.1 to convert the wave files into mp3 (I also tried converting to wave again), and it works. At last, I could have my converted voice file added to Nero for burning into an AudioCD. Remember, when a program cannot recognize a format, just use a converter.


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