Google PageRank button for your blog

Google PageRank can be easily seen when you have Google Toolbar installed on your browser. If you are a webmaster and your website holds a high rank, you probably want your website pagerank to be seen by your visitors. It's very easy for your visitors to see your pagerank when they have Google Toolbar. But what if they don't have the toolbar installed on their browsers?

Google PageRank button will help you solve this problem. You can installed Google PageRank button on your website. When you type "Google Pagerank button" on the Search, you'll find many links to sites that provides free pagerank button. Choose one of the link that provides you with the button script. Copy the script and then paste it on you site/blog. After adding the script to your site/blog, you'll then see the google pagerank button appear on your site/blog. So, the pagerank can be seen by your visitor, even if they don't have google toolbar on their browsers.


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