Taking out disc from CD/DVD ROM Drive after black out

Have you ever had this experience? Your disc is left inside the CD/DVD ROM Drive after black out. Well, I have such experience. I was at my friend's house using the computer. Suddenly, there was a black out and my CD was left inside the CD drive. I couldn't take it out by pressing the eject button. But how to take out the disc?

Well, it quite easy, all you have to do is to push the small hole (there's only one small hole) with a paper clip or something alike maybe a needle will also do. But I prefer using a paper clip. After the tray is ejected, pull the tray slowly and take out the disc. Just that simple.

You can put at least a paper clip as one of your computer solution tools. An eraser is also important for a technician when you want to solve some memory module problems. Search for my post on this.


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