What to do when paper jammed?

Paper jam in the printer do occasionally happens. When this happen, all you have to do is to take out the jammed paper (perhaps with the help of the RESUME button after turning off and on again). After the jammed paper is taken out, sometimes if the paper is torn a bit, some small pieces left by the jammed paper will be stucked in the roller.

To remove the stucked pieces, simply put a thicker paper on the tray and press RESUME BUTTON. The paper will go inside (like ready to print. But stop at the roller). Press RESUME button again to let the paper out. By doing this you'll find the small pieces of paper stucked in the roller will be pushed out by the double RESUME actions.

If the paper jam doesn't leave any torn paper inside, you don't have to do this. Just pull the paper slowly (never use force) or use the RESUME button.


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