How to adjust the electronics products photos taken with digital camera

I got the experience of adjusting black electronics products photo when I was taking the photo of "USB cable" with my digital camera which was intended for my previous post. It was taken under fluorescent light. So, you can imagine that the photo was not taken under enough light. I have uploaded the photo before adjustment and after adjustment.

The camera I am using now is BenQ DC 2410. It's not a very good digital camera but at least it can let me take photos for my posting.

If you have ever taken a photo that look like the one you've seen on this page, you can do the following adjustment. Usually a photo with black object and white background will look better with this adjustment. You can use any photo editing software. I usually use the simple yet wonderful tool of Faststone Image Viewer. It's a freeware.

Here are some adjustment you can do:
1. Try changing the brightness, decreasing it when it's too bright.
2. Increase the contrast a little by a little to make the black color looks darker and sharper.
3. Adjusting the saturation to see the vividness of your photo.

Enjoy experimenting!


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