Searching and viewing files online

When people search for user manual or something like tutorial, they probably will find 3 types of documents as the search results. The three formats of documents are: HTML, PDF and DOC. The process after searching is of course viewing. These are some tips for viewing the 3 types documents. One of the most important things when viewing the files or surfing the internet, is to have your antivirus on-guard because when you click a link and open a site, the attack of virus is possible.

For HTML files, if you intend to have them print on your printer, you can use Clip Marks add-on for Firefox browser. This add-on lets you select the items you want to print, so that it saves your ink. HTML files also opens faster that than the other types, unless it contains a lot of images and videos. For quick reading, this is suitable.

The PDF files, seems to be slow when opening because the system will open a reader program like Adobe Acrobat first, and then load the PDF files online. If you have a slow computer and slow connection (may be dial-up), you'll probably have to wait quite long to see the contents. Sometimes, it even causes your computer to not responding i.e. hang. If you need to view PDF files, it's better to download it first. This will let you have the file save on your computer for offline use. The download time is usually faster than the time for viewing online.

The DOC files, is usually opened with Word Processor like Microsoft Word. This type of files sometimes can contain macro viruses. But opening this type of document is usually faster than PDF files. It's also convenient when you want to edit, or just print the selected parts.

Hope that these simple tips for viewing can give a little help.


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