Create your own doll picture and save the picture

Cartoon doll becomes popular and many people especially kids and teens love to play with. There are quite a lot of sites that let you choose you doll and then put the costume on your doll. Children usually like to do this for fun because they can unlock their imagination to creating different costume dolls.

Many years ago, before technology has become so advanced (I mean the computer technology especially internet), children used to play with tiny paper doll actually not doll but pictures which you cut out of a card board. That time, many children enjoyed playing just by putting the paper clothes paper over the paper picture doll.

But as soon as internet becomes so common, people create sites that enable parents and their children spending time and enjoying themselves at electronic doll game that can be played online. You don't have to cut out the paper clothes for the paper picture doll. What children do is to click-drag and drop the clothes on the doll character.

You can visit this site, Now you can also try it yourself. See my Hello Kitty.


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