Knowing more about USB cable

I have always wanted to know more about USB. Since I knew that USB has a power voltage of +5 Volts, I have always thought about making use of USB power for making some custom or personalized USB stuffs (for fun only). Nowadays, all computers whether desktop or laptop have come with USB ports. These ports are also at the back or at the front of your casing of desktop computer. For laptop, at least there are two USB ports. These ports can be used to connect to peripherals like flash disk, hub, printer, scanner, modem, digital camera, or even unusual usb products such as, usb air conditioner, usb blender, usb eye massager, etc. There are too many usb products to talk about.

Inside a USB cable, there are four cables which are two power cables and two data cables. A USB cable has the red cable as power (5V) and the brown cable as the ground. It also has a pair of twisted cables (yellow and blue) to carry data. The four cables form a USB cable. So, if you want know exactly, you should cut it yourself and see it yourself!


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