Sanrio Town - a great site for Hello Kitty lovers

Hello Kitty, a name that almost every kid knows. Not only kids, but also many adults love Hello Kitty. If you are a Hello Kitty lover, then you will love anything about Hello Kitty, right? Then I would recommend a site for people like you, Hello Kitty lovers. From the site you can play online games, watch some videos from Dream Studio, download Hello Kitty stuffs, join forum, visit the quiz center, create a blog, or buy something from the Kitty shop.
You can meet the characters (know more info about the Sanrio characters). Do you know Hello Kitty's birthday? It's 1st November 1974. Just visit the site and click Meet the characters.

Start everything by signing up at the site, Sanrio Town. After signing, you can have access to all the features provided on the site.


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