CommonCraft Videos - concise yet easy to understand

You probably want to learn more about computer or perhaps want to know more about internet stuffs. You visit and search for videos that you want to help you understand better through videos rather than text or pictures.

Videos are learning media that enables one to understand better. These are very common nowadays. And that's people like to watch presentation created using Powerpoint than to read text on a brochure.

While I was browsing through the internet and searching for material on Social Bookmarking and Social Networking, I found a site called

This site provides lots of fun and very creative stuffs that you probably don't really understand if you read text. It gives you very clear explanation on the topic you want. You are also free to share the videos with anybody as long as it's for non-commercial purpose. Below the video, there's a small box with code which you can paste in your blog or website, so that you can let your visitors watch the videos of Common Craft.


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