Online dictionary

Dictionary is a must-have for every language learner and educator. It plays a big role in your learning process. When someone has a problem with a word or a phrase, he will have to find the word or phrase in a dictionary. But this is quite troublesome when you have to flip and flap the dictionary.

Some people who don't like flipping dictionary just to find a word, will find other alternatives. They would probably use digital dictionary to help them find the meaning faster and easier. It has become so common that everybody can bring it along.

Online dictionary also has become popular since internet technology took part in our daily learning process. People start to use online dictionary. To use online dictionary, people usually type the address of a site that provides online dictionary or online translation.

Actually, in my previous post about using "", I have stated that by using that online translation, it is already quite good. But when we just want to have quick meaning of a word (especially in certain language), we can use site that just provide words translation. This kind of site is of course faster because it just translate a word which is shorter than a sentence.

If you want a site for translating words only, you can click here. The site provides you dictionary for English, Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, etc. It supports dictionary for at least ten languages.


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