How to save your laptop battery consumption

Notebooks or netbooks use a lot of power and they can't be use for very long time by depending only to the batteries.

Most of them last for about 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of the batteries.

If you want to let your laptop longer while using the battery only, you should avoid unnecessary battery usage which means not to use any device that take up your battery when you don't really need it.

Your battery power is usually used when you have a USB powered device plugged in your laptop. If you don't need a mouse, don't plug it in your laptop. This is also the same to other devices such as flash disk, card reader, external keyboard, portable printer, digital camera, etc. Anyway, just avoid unnecessary plugging of device.

Other settings that you can do to save your battery consumption is by turning off your wireless connection and bluetooth connection. Then you can also use the power settings in Control Panel to adjust the sleep time of your laptop PC. Okay, do the adjustment as you see fit and see how long you can use your laptop with only the battery.


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