Google Translation Tool

Translation is not really a big problem nowadays. If you visit a site and you find that you don't understand the language of the site, you probably needs translation.

Of course, oral translation by real person is really hard. You need to ask someone to translate for you. But don't worry. You can use available translation tools like the one that provided by Google. This translation tool is something really useful. All you have to do is just copy and paste the text or the url of the page you want to translate. And then click translate. I have mentioned about this on my earlier post. Please refer to my previous post on the "how-to".

That's what we call online translation (direct translation without tools). Then you can also provide translation button on your website, so that people who can't read your original language can use the translation button to make the understand what you are telling about.Just click here and then follow the instruction as seen on the picture.
You'll be able to add a button as gadget for your webpage translation.


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