Sony NW-E507 Portable IC Audio Player

Today, my friend asked me to help her copy an mp3 file to her Sony Mp3 Player. I thought it was like an ordinary mp3 player. So, I did a copy paste of the file she wanted like I usually do. But never did I expect that it didn't work. The player could not find the file eventhough it existed when you plugged it in the usb port. You could see the file but it just didn't come up to the LCD screen when you played it. Then I thought it might help if I formatted it and recopied everything (of course I copied the files on her Sony mp3 player to computer first).

After formatting, I thought it could bring the condition back to normal which I could copy mp3 files and play just like any mp3 player. But it still couldn't. I got "Format Error, No Data" error message on the player LCD. It seemed that thing just got worse. 

Then I searched through the internet and found a link to the user manual (when she gave me the player, the user manual and the driver was not with her). I opened the user manual in pdf format, and then read in a glance. I found something on formatting the usb memory using built in format. I tried it and still failed. I even tried changing a new USB cable. But I still could not solve the problem.

Still not giving up (but already a bit frustrated), I searched again and found that mp3 files could not be copied directly through copy paste method. We should use a program which specially used for transferring audio files to the player. And the recommended one was Sonic Stage, a free program for downloading mp3 files to the player. Well, I downloaded the program and installed it. Luckily, I could return everything back to normal and also successfully transfered the mp3 file which my friend needed.


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