Create Magazine Cover easily by uploading photo

Have you ever thought that you can create a magazine for yourself or for your friend as his/her birthday gift? Well, it's not really difficult.

There's a website where you can create magazine cover easily. Just click here to start. Start from uploading your photo and then filling in your data from Magazine Title, Tag line, Publication date, Price and other data in the line text box. After that, make some customization like color, font effect. It will also create bar code automatically for you. It seems like a real magazine cover.

Then for the contents you can use programs such as Microsoft Words or Microsoft Publisher. If you think that it's rather hard to do this, you can just put a picture in Microsoft Word and set it as watermark. Create the header and footer. You can use your greetings. Then bind the cover and the contents paper together. It will look like a new-style writing book or a diary.

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