Disassemble and Assemble Acer Laptop

How to fix and maintenance your laptop? It's not an easy thing compared to desktop PC. Laptop construction is more complex than desktop PC. They have almost the same hardware parts, but the main difference lies on the size and maybe the shape.

These are two videos I found at Youtube on how to disassemble and assemble Acer Laptop. The videos take about almost 10 minutes but it does tells you how to do the disassembling and assembling. Not so easy to understand but at least it gives you a brief understand. When you do it yourself, it's better you take photos of all the process or take the video during disassembling. This is because when you want to assemble it back, you have already had the pre-recorded video that guide you. Ok, let's watch how he does it with the Acer laptop.

Disassembling Laptop

Assembling Laptop - Part 1

Assembling Laptop - Part 2


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