How to add "Recent posts" gadget

Bloggers sometimes will put "Recent Posts" in their blogs if they have quite a lot of posts or update their blogs very often. This "Recent Posts" gadget is quite useful when you want to attract your reader to stay longer on your blog. In blogspot you can add up to 5 recent posts using your feed url.

Here's how:
First, click Layout on your blogger menu. Then click Add a gadget and choose Feed.
Next, type your blog url. Click Continue.
After that, type "Recent Posts" in the title box. And click Save. You're done.

When you have finished adding the gadget, you should place this gadget in a noticable location on your blog, so that your reader will be able to see and click the recent post easily.

Note that your reader may come from Search Engine. If they reached your blog in this way, they won't notice your recent posts because they will be brought to the post where it contains the keyword they type. But if they visit your blog by typing the url on address bar on their browsers, of course they'll be able to see your recent post eventhough you don't have this gadget on the blog.


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