Photo Scape - "Make a box" filter

One of my favorite photo editor is PhotoScape. It's a free photo editing program. Yes, it's free and very useful. It's so easy to use cause it has very user-friendly interface. I like this program just because it doesn't take me a lot of time to learn to use it. I just took a few minutes for learning it. If you have ever use photo editing programs, I believe you will like this one for doing simple jobs. But this doesn't mean that it can't do much. It's really rich in features.

When I first ran this program, I thought there would be a lot of things to share and tell in this blog if I write about this little great program. But, I think I will write about this new effect, "Make a box
 effect". This is a filter which I have never seen in other photo editing programs.

Well, let me tell you a bit about this filter. 
  • First, click Editor on the circular interface menu. 
  • Then you'll be able to see a folder list on the left side and the thumbnails of your image files. 
  • Click on a file to view it on the editor window.
  • Then click Filter and select Make a box, after that select your desired box type.
  • And you're done. Just click Save button on the right corner to save the box image.
Click here to download PhotoScape.


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