LinkWithin Widget - a great widget to link to your past blog posts

Using backlink to keep all your blogs together is a good way to increase your blogs traffic. This is important when you have a lot of blogs. Backlink is necessary. You can do this easily by using the blog list or blog roll widget of blogger.

To keep your readers stay longer reading your blog, you can also use Recent Comments or Recent Posts widget  from Blogger. You can use Popular Pages Today from Feedjit, too. These widgets link your posts from within.

Another useful widget is LinkWithin widget. It supports blogs like: Blogger, Wordpress, TypePad and others. Adding the widget to your blog is easy. Just a few simple steps.
Fill in your e-mail address, then type your blog link.
After that choose the platform.
Then choose how many stories you want (this will show the snapshot of your post along with the title)
Lastly, click Get Widget and you're ready to add the widget to your blog.

Your blog platform website will open and you can preview before saving the changes and click View Blog when you're ready. The widget will appear after every post. Wish you good luck and lots of traffic.

N.B. Your blog layout will probably change, too. So be careful when using a new widget which add the code automatically. Save your template first before changing the layout.


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