My network computer couldn't surf the internet

Have you ever got furious just because of network troubleshooting? Well, this morning the network at my workplace didn't work. The internet connection from a client computer didn't work. Just that computer. And guess what? I tried looking at the setting of IP Addresses. Then testing the server with "ping". Scanning for viruses and checking firewall. All won't work.

Then I stopped a while and thought that perhaps I could change the network hub cause I still had another hub. But it still didn't work. I tried changing another network cable that connects the computer and the hub. And it still didn't work. At that time, there's only one computer connected to the hub. I also thought of using my laptop to test the hub, but I forgot to bring it.

After a while, I started thinking about the cable that connected directly to the hub. I plugged it directly to the computer and it still didn't work. I thought perhaps the cable was the problem. Then I cut off the connector and re-crimp the cable and the connector. Hmm... this time when plugged it into the network card, it worked.

Everything went wrong just because of a cable. I suddenly remembered that the word "BUG" in programming came from the history of  "printer error caused by a real BUG". At that time, many computer experts were asked to solve that computer problem. But all of the didn't pay notice on the tiny bug that hid inside the printer. Go searching about this if you are interested. I knew this from a C language programming language long ago.

Well, in troubleshooting a network problem, we should pay notice even on the simplest step.


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