Which video streaming website do you prefer?

Most of us want to watch online movies because it's very convenient. When I was young, I watch videos from video tapes. Then video tapes became outdated and replaced by VCDs, then DVDs. In this digital era, we have online videos, from movies till tutorial videos.

Most people know about Youtube, the most famous videos website, where people share videos. Some upload and some download the videos. After the birth of Youtube in this internet digital era, other websites of video streaming also appear. Some of them even use "tube" as the default name of video streaming websites, like "Teachertube".

People also started creating programs for downloading videos called "Video Downloader". For those who prefer "online watch", can also enjoy the videos with faster streaming using "Video Accellerator". With these both programs installed in your computer, you can really enjoy watching "streaming videos". You can also install Firefox add-ons which are specially used for downloading videos that you watch through Mozilla Firefox browser.

Although Youtube is well-known in the video streaming world, Chinese people have other alternatives, such as Youku and Tudou. They can watch and upload videos with longer duration. Youtube has limited the time of a video to 10 minutes, while at Youku or Tudou, you can watch videos more than 90 minutes. That's the default duration of  a movie. The longer duration provided by China's video website make things easier cause they are not separated in many parts like in Youtube. Online dramas with many episodes are also available. There's also another website of China where people watch online. It's very easy to remember the website address. It's 56.


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