How to know if your password is strong enough?

When you type in characters for a Password entry field like when you want to sign up for Yahoo Mail, you'll see the Password Strength meter. This meter will show you whether you are using powerful password or not. Most people tend to use "12345" or "123456" as their password. Why not "123"? Because most websites require that password to be used must be at least 5 or 6 characters.

Here are some tips for typing characters for password.

Use combination of numbers, letters and symbols.
Some people tend to use password like "words" or "birthday number" as their password. This kind of password is quite easy to guess. So, mixed the number with letters. Some people tend to use funky characters to replace the real characters like using "@" to replace "a" or use "7" instead of "T". So this will make the password harder to be guessed.

Use password meter site to measure how powerful your password is. Click here to visit the website.
Using password meter, let you know what kind of characters are better in password typing. The Complexity and Score tell you clearly about that.

Use combination of Upper Case and Lower Case character if you use most characters.

Well, that's all my tips on choosing password character.


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