SMADAV - Indonesia local antivirus

Smadav is an antivirus made in Indonesia. This antivirus detects and cleans Indonesia local viruses. It also works as a protection for your flash disk against autorun.inf viruses. It's also very fast and small in size. The whole interface is green and seems to be quite user-friendly.

For updating, it seems to be a bit harder when you are using the free version. You need to download and reinstall the antivirus again and again for the updates, unless you donate and get the registration key. If you register the antivirus, your Smadav will update automatically and also it works 10 times faster in scanning.

In protecting your flash disk, it creates a protection folder on your flash disk. You can store any Office work files in the folder. And every time a flash is plugged in the USB port, Smadav will scan it automatically.

Smadav also works well with international antivirus such, Avira, AVG and Avast. So, you'll have better protection against viruses.


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