How to upload photos on Facebook?

Uploading photo is something very common when using Facebook. Just click the Photos tab next to Wall and Info. After that, you'll see Photos Browser (if you are using Java uploader). You can also upload photos using Simple Uploader which lets you upload at most 5 photos at one time. The Simple Uploader seems to be more troublesome because you have to click Browse and click on the photo every time you want to upload your photos.

Generally, people tend to use Java uploader on Facebook because it's convenient (especially those who have fast internet connection). When you want to upload, you just need to tick the photos you want (from the photo browser) and click Upload. This will save you a lot of time. But sometimes, this method can go wrong too. One of the common error that appears is Server error. When you see this kind of error message, you may try uploading with Simple Uploader.


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