Simple Tips for faster blog loading

Anybody would want to create fast loading blog/website. Simply saying, when elements on the blog are getting more and more, the blog will take a longer time to load itself. Here are some simple tips to make your blog load faster.

# Don't use pictures with big size. To do this, you probably need picture converter. Whether to convert the picture resolution, picture format, etc.

# Remove any unused widget. You probably know that there are lots of widgets (from for example) with many different types of usage. But you should consider using those that meet your needs.

# Adjust the number of posts that displayed on your blog. The more posts you put on your blog, the more the time it takes to load the whole blog.

# Consider using simpler template. Using beautiful template with beautiful header is of course nice to see. But it will certainly take up your blog loading time. Remember, image header takes longer to load than simple text header.


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