Changing Google Background Image

Now, you can change Google Background Image with image from your computer, image from your Picasa Album, from Public gallery or from the Editor's Pick. This is perhaps a new feature from Google that makes those who feel bored with the white color as the Google Homepage Background. Something like Google wallpaper.

The homepage seems to be getting more and more fun. You see, first we have Google Doodle, the funny and cool, sometimes animation on the Google logo. And now, we can change the background. Can we change the white background with another color? Yes, you can. But you have to create an image with the color you want.

Just click link "Change background image" and you'll see a window showing you gallery of images. Select the images you like and click "Select". There's a Search box at the upper corner which means you can change images by searching it. Wow, that's another cool new feature of Google.


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