DXVA SIG appearing on your desktop

Have you ever had a DXVA SIG text file opened (with Notepad) on your desktop, with only "B" character as the content? You may do a searching on the google or yahoo if you find something odd appearing on your computer. And probably you'll get answer on a forum or from an "ask and answer" site like Yahoo Answer.

DXVA actually stands for DirectX Video Acceleration. It's a stuff that might be installed by a website without your knowing into your computer when you are viewing a video. Of course it could also be something that you installed purposely. From its name, you can see that it's something like "Tudou Accelerator" or "Speedbit" that makes your video streaming running more smoothly. Don't worry too much about it.

If you find it irritating cause it always appears on your desktop screen, you can remove it by typing "msconfig" at Run command dialog box. After opening the dialog box, just click Startup (everything that starts automatically at boot time, usually resides in here). Then search for the "dxva_sig" in the Startup Item. Uncheck it and you're done. It won't appear anymore. You may also delete the file by using Windows Search or Delete it using a program like CCleaner.


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