How to change Blog*spot address?

I've ever had a blog*spot address which is too long and it seems that making a channel in adsense is not acceptable. So, that's a problem when we have a blog*spot address which is too long. Also long address name seems to be hard to remember or taking more time to type.

So, what's the solution? Can we change the address? Yes, we can change the blog*spot address as long as the new address is reserved. We can't take over an address that seems to be long abandoned. That can't be done in Blogger. So, think about a new shorter name for your blog*spot address. And also an easy-to-remember one.

Then how to change the blog*address? Well, just follow these simple steps.
1. First you need to sign in with your current Blogger account and password. 
2. Then go to Settings of your blog.
3. After that, click Publishing.
4. You'll then see the box of your blogspot name. Click it and change it with a new one.
5. Type in the Word Verification. And click Save Settings. And you're done.

Remember to tell your friends your new blogger address.


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