Wireless USB not working even though driver installed

USB Wireless adapter is a device that's portable and necessary when you want to connect your desktop to a wireless access point. Of course this device also needs device driver. So, plug in and install the driver.

Have you ever met this problem "device has been plugged in, and Windows installed the driver automatically for you, BUT it didn't work as it should be"?

Well, if you are sure that the device is not damaged, then the problem probably lies in the driver. You can try installing the device driver that comes with the USB wireless adapter. You probably will also find that the driver on the disk doesn't support your device for the operating system you are using. So how to solve this?

You can try downloading the latest driver for your USB wireless adapter at the manufacturer's official site. Actually, this ever happened to me when I tried to install my TP-LINK TL-WN321G USB wireless adapter which the driver on the disc only supports until Windows XP. So, I had to search for the Windows 7 driver for this device. You may download from this link if you also need the driver. Click here to download the latest driver.


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