Typing Curriculum Vitae in an e-mail as contents

This is a simple tip that I found useful and would like to share when I was helping my cousin typing a CV (Curriculum Vitae) for her job application. She intended to apply for a job and asked me to help her send an e-mail of her CV. I thought that since it was just text as the contents, I'd rather type it in the text box rather than attach it from a Word document. It's faster, though.

But I found a problem when typing her data with ":" (colon). The colon characters weren't neat at all. Suddenly, I remembered that there's a font name which had the same width for all characters. Do you know which font? It's "Courier New".  I used Courier New as the font and everything seemed so neat. And that's what I called a simple tip for typing curriculum vitae. Hope it does help.


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