How to lock your keyboard and mouse from being pressed?

You probably have ever had this kind of experience. You're away from computer for a while and when you're back, you find that your computer keyboard and mouse have been pressed (whether by a cat or your kids at home). Of course, you'll find it very irritating. Then what should you do to avoid this from happening when you're away for a while. Well, you should install a program that can lock your mouse and keyboard, so that any keys or buttons pressed will be ignored by your computer.

Kid-Key-Lock is the answer for this. You can download and install this program and then run it. It will work in background, hiding in notification area of your taskbar. When it's running you can activate it by clicking the icon with your mouse. If you have even locked the left mouse button, you can do Kid-Key-Lock program setup by typing: kidkeysetup (default). You may change the word "kidkeysetup" with your own word, but don't forget. To quit the program you can type "kidkeyquit", so that all locked keys will be normal again.

But remember that this program does not work as a security program. It helps you to reduce annoyance cause by your pet or your kids only. It just locks your keyboard keys and mouse buttons. Download it for free now!


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