Hair Mixer - the easiest way to change your hair style online

Suppose you want to have the hair-style of a celebrity, you probably need to go to the hairdresser to change your hair style. It's not a difficult thing, but you need to spend your time and probably you won't really get the exact style that you want.

Then you probably go searching on the internet for the photo of your favorite celebrity. You get it and you bring the printed photo of the celebrity to the hairdresser. The hairstyle probably suits the celebrity but doesn't suitable for you.

So, what can you do? Well, there's an easy way to do this. You can create a photo which is a combination photo of yours and another from your favorite celebrity. Then you'll get a photo of your face with the hairstyle of the celebrity. How can you do that? Most people will use photo editing software like Photoshop. But using Photoshop is not easy for novice internet user.

Don't worry, you can still use free internet makeover service. Here's the link to hairstyle makeover. It's very easy to use.

* You need to upload two photos. Your own photo and your favorite celebrity photo (of course the one that you need the hairstyle).

* After uploading the photos, just click "mix left face with right hair" or "mix right face with left hair" button. You'll then see a photo of combination. Then, adjust the face position or resize the face to get the best result of combination.

* Click "Finalize" and you'll see the combination photo and another one, the combined photo as magazine cover.

* Finally, click Save your photo on Facekeep. And then, you may keep your that photo, even adjust the brightness and contrast.

Have fun with Hair Mixer now!


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