How to whiten your teeth easily without installing any software?

You probably feel ashamed when you post your photo on social network when you have grey teeth. Or maybe you dare not show your teeth when you laugh or smile. It's not difficult actually if you can use Photoshop to edit your photos. Other photo editors probably can do the same, too.
The problem is that you can't whiten your teeth in just one step in order to whiten your teeth with those photo editing programs.

I'm going to tell a simple way to whiten teeth using a simple online/web application. You don't have to install anything. Just visit and then upload your photo. After your photo is on the screen, you can click "Whiten Teeth", an icon with teeth image. After that, select the area you wish to whiten and then click Apply. You'll then see the grey or yellowish teeth become shiny white. Then you can have your white teeth smile profile photo for your social network like facebook.


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