Windows Movie Maker is missing in Windows 7. Where can I get it?

By default when you install Windows 7, you won't get Windows Movie Maker. Microsoft has excluded this video editing program since Windows 7. Therefore, you can still download it and installed it on your Windows 7 computer.

Windows Movie Maker is a simple and great program that you can use to create or edit videos. The most common task is to create photo slide show or presentation. You may also edit your favorite videos after putting them into timeline or storyboard. You may then apply some transitions or titles that describe the photos or videos. You may also add music into the videos. Then you can create a video file for burning into a disc. You need select the video profile for playback before creating the video file. It's a very easy-to-use program. Even children can use it at ease.

So, where can you download this program? Just click here to download the Windows Live Movie Maker installer.


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