How to create a PDF file from JPEG images?

JPEG format images are very common format in scanning. While there are several format in images that are used in scanning software, you probably need something else. My friend has ever asked for the result of scanning in PDF format. And it seems that most scanners don't support PDF format.
What does it mean then? It means you need a third-party program to do the task. That's the image converter program.

I tried looking for such program that turn or convert JPEG images into a PDF file. Converting several JPEG images into a PDF file also means that you join them together into one file, which also makes you easier to see them. Of course you can't edit them directly, like you can do to JPEG files with photo editor.

I don't know why she asked for this PDF format. But maybe there's a need for governmental certificate procedural need. I just help her to do this image conversion.

Luckily, I found a freeware which can be downloaded to convert JPEG to PDF file. Click here to download this freeware.


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